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Setup authorization access to Drupal Site

June 25, 2021

Setting up Authorization

For accessing a website and share it with others, you have to link
the administrator role with the e-group that will have administrator

1. Go to the OpenShift Console projects’ page

In this page we will select the project on which we want to set up
administrator permissions.

2. Click on Details of the project

3. Click on Manage roles and ownership for this application

After, you will be redirected to the application management page,
where you can edit the permissions of your drupal site.

4. Click on Roles on the new page

This page will be used to edit your drupal site’s permission.

5. Click on the green button of the Administrator role

Note: If the role you want to edit does not exist, you can create one using the button on the bottom of the page, and the role_identifier must match Machine name that exists on your Drupal Website, the Machine name can be found under, and then editing the role in question, see example:


6. Type the e-group you want to add as administrator

7. Login again on the drupal site to have the administrator role applied.