FAQ view, how to change questions order

I’m working with a FAQ view, I added son questions, and I would like to change the order in wich the questions are showed, how can i do this?
Thank you!

Hello Monica,

In what order do you want to display the FAQs?


Im working in

I have 4 parts in to de faq membership page, now is showed 1-3-4-2, I would like to show 1-2-3-4

Hello Monica,

I do not have access in the website you are mentioning but I see that it uses the easy-start template so I will explain some generic things.

The FAQ page is created using a view. A view is a dynamic way to gather content in one place. By dynamic I mean that the view decides the filtering/sorting etc based on a factor, which most of the times is a field (eg. The date that the content was posted, the date it was modified, a specific tag that it might have etc).

The question is: with which field do you want to order them? If this field does not exist, maybe you should think of creating a field to sort the view.

Note: In the beginner’s guide of Drupal Tools, there are some useful videos to better understand views.


Solved, thank you Konstantinos