Fields no more visible in Drupal 8

I tried to change fields “Post Date”, “Author” , “Submitted by”, “Last Modified” from “Hidden” to “Above” in:

via manage display

I did “Save”, it didn’t complain. It shows nothing though in “View”. This data was visible in Drupal 7.

From the value options given, “Above” is a strange term… Anyway, I’d like to have these values displayed.

What should I do?


Hi Maria,

The fields that you mentioned are Disabled in Manage display. Changing their label from Hidden to Above won’t do anything.

You need to move them above the Disabled line in order to become active.

Ευχαριστώ Σωτήρη!
I tried to move the fields above the Disabled line, always via
but I can’t see how to do this. Maybe I don’t have enough privileges…
Cath Noble has all the powers but I don’t know if she reads this discourse instance.
If you think I have enough privileges would you please explain more?
Thanks for your patience

Maria, you do have the privileges seeing as you can access that Manage Display page. It’s a drag’n’drop method, just grab the “cross” handlbar on the left of the field you want to move, and move it above the title “Disabled”.

If you get stuck with this, I can do it for you as well as reformat the final display, as I’m not sure simply moving these fields to visible will give you the effect you might prefer.

Let me know.


Absolutely perfectly clear. Done! Thank you both!