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This category is aimed to provide to the Drupal Community at CERN with the last news regarding updates on modules, themes, etc.

How To

Looking for a place to learn how to do the basic operations? Pop in to the How To category!

General Discussion

For talking about Drupal and its capabilities, sharing doubts and offering help for all members of the community.

Online Support Service

When you have a request or want to learn how to do something, you can ask us here.


Are you new to Drupal? Do you want to quickly build a simple site? Step in, we’ll share our expertise.


Creating your own look and feel has never been so easy in Drupal. This is the category for the designer inside you!

Site building

Step in to seek help about how to build your site. There are many options that you can choose from, don’t hesitate to ask for ideas.


Learn how to put the pieces together to finish the puzzle. Many attachable components will increase the quality of your site.


Complex development requires time and knowledge. This category will help you save the former and gain the latter.

Site Feedback

This is a general purpose instance of Discourse at CERN aiming to provide a place for answers on Drupal related topics.