Restore some data after migration to Drupal8

Dear colleagues,
this post concerns site (=Drupal7) migrated to site acad-qr-temp (Drupal8).
I am in Step 3 of the action list and need help before getting back the original site name:

  1. the Drupal7 site has the “intelligence” to show that the 3 questionnaires are now closed. The Drupal8 site shows nothing behind each questionnaire link. How do we activate this part of the code to show the questionnaires as closed?

  2. all Content pages in the Drupal7 site contain the user’s Name Surname. In Drupal8 the login appears instead. This is not functional, if we need to quickly get back to the user.

  3. The possibility to Clone the questionnaires is available in the Drupal7 site. I don’t see this in the Drupal8 one and it is very useful.

  4. In the Drupal8 site I see logins of people who cannot possibly admins, neither now, nor in the past. How did they get there? What do they mean?

  5. I don’t find the Drupal8 site Results for the Questionnaires, as I do for the Drupal7 ones, e.g. I see nowhere in Drupal8 the data of node 39 webform-results (for Questionnaire 2 in Drupal7).

Thank you very much and sorry, this info is valuable and must survive the migration.

Btw, it is quite annoying that I got the msg “new users are only allowed 2 links per post”. What is the meaning of this? I had to do all kinds of paraphrasing to avoid making links…

Dear Maria,

I will answer your questions in the same order.

  1. First of all you need to link the webform to a node. For example go to and then click on the Webform field and select the related webform, in this case QUESTIONNAIRE No. 1: High Energy Physics (2019-2020) and save.
    Then go to the webform’s settings and under the Form tab, set the webform to Closed ( You will also see the form closed message field. In case you need a custom message type it there. If you don’t put a custom message, the default system message will appear (see below:

    If you visit the webform now and you are logged in as admin you will see the elements and the submission button even if it is closed. This is normal. If you visit it as normal user you will see it closed.

  2. For this you need to enable the CERN Profile - Display Name module on your website. I have done it for you but it will start working for content added from now on.

  3. Yes but it’s a bit different. Create the new webform and add the title (example QUESTIONNAIRE No. 1: High Energy Physics (2019-2020). Go back to the old webform click Build and then switch to the Source tab. Select all text under Elements (YAML) and copy it. Go to your new webform, click Build and switch to the Source tab. Paste the copied text there and save. That’s it. Then you need to create a new node called QUESTIONNAIRE No. 1: High Energy Physics (2019-2020) and link the new webform there.

  4. That’s weird. Probably these are leftovers from the migration of your Drupal 7 website. I checked and noone has admin access apart from you and me that I am working on your website.

  5. The results are within each webform. Go to Structure->Webforms, and click on the dropwdown link next to the webform that you want and select Results.

Regarding the message "“new users are only allowed 2 links per post”, could you tell me where exactly do you see it? Please Provide URL and actions.

Thank you very much. I’ll check the solutions you provide a.s.a.p. Concerning the links:
When typing my post I had included:
the Drupal7 URL and the Drupal8 URL

When I tried to send my post I got the msg that links are limited to 2, so I had to change my
text, in order to ‘describe’ some of my links, e.g acad-qr-temp (Drupal8) instead of
Very strange ‘feature’.

Hi Maria,

Many thanks for letting us know. This is a restriction that comes by default with Discourse in order to avoid spam messages. I’ve increased the number of links to 20.

Let us know if you still get that warning.


Σωτήρη Χριστός Ανέστη!

Thank you so much for the detailed explanations!
Please let me refer a bit more to the same numbers used so far in this post:

  1. How do I know how many are the nodes? For the production version and only thanks to my browser history I can see node numbers 1,26,33,35,36,38,39. I have no idea if these are all the nodes that exist on the site… How can I make sure all nodes are migrated/copied/checked? For example I did as you explain and with
    Is there a list of them all? I need to have all the questionnaires (titles and abstracts) for the last 8 years (they start in 2012) with their results.
    I haven’t created this Drupal site, as you can guess from my questions. I just want to migrate it without losing any data.

  2. Thank you for this but why only for the future? If we re-run the migration process with the CERN Profile enabled, do we obtain results with full usernames?

  3. I haven’t tried this yet. I’d like to have your comments on the other items first.

  4. I didn’t understand what ‘leftovers’ they can be. Please see screenshot. These people never touched this site as Drupal7 or Drupal8…

  5. I saw the results, thank you. The URL is not helpful though. contains the 2012-2013 answers to the Personal-Info questionnaire. Is there a way to make the URL more meaningful, so that I can guess what to type and get directly to the results of a given questionnaire and a given year?

Thank you again very VERY much!
You are very helpful. I am sorry the site is complex!


Μαρία Αληθώς Ανέστη!

  1. Go to and filter by Content type with value set to Webform. The creation of webform is different now in Drupal 8.
    In order to create an actaul webform you go to Structure->Webforms->Add webform and when your webform is ready you go to Content->Add content->Webform and you link it to webform that you previously created.
    All the webforms from your previous website have been migrated along with their nodes. Unfortunately the link is missing due to the difference of how the webforms module works now. You need to create the links manually as I explained above. Just edit the Questionnaires for every year and link them to the webforms. Fortunately they have the same names both the nodes and webforms and it will be easy to find them.
  2. That’s because the module can retrieve the users’ real name values and store them when they sign in on the website. So, until they sign in again they will be displayed by their username.
  3. This works as I have explained in my previous post and as in my 1st answer.
  4. These are some blocks migrated by your old website. They display information, about users that are currently online, new users that signed in etc. I have deactivated these blocks. It should be ok now.
  5. I am afraid not. You can see the results per webform only. I have created a custom view that you can filter the results in the way you wanted If you want to add more filters just edit this view.

thank you again. You explain very patiently. I tried to link the High Energy Physics questionnaire of 2018-2019 to its node (33?) and I am told I have already done that. I was surprised because I thought I only did the 3 questionnaires of 2019-2020. Is node 33 for a given year? Or is it associated with “High Energy Physics questionnaire” every year?
I am just checking with you in order not to overriding the data by continuing in a wrong direction.
Sorry and thanks again

the screenshot is useless. The URL is, in case you can see what I see…

Hi Maria,

Following our zoom conversation please open a ticket to Drupal infra regarding the submissions migrated data from your D7 website.

Done here
Thank you for your help with webforms and nodes!