View not visible for anonymous users after Node View Permissions v1.3


Since last week we have some problems with our site. I guess the problem has to do with permissions. We have some pages, where anonymous users can’t see every or no content at all.
When we are signed as administrators, we can see the content, but other roles can’t access it.

We checked:

  • Permissions to ‘View published content’ and in Node view permissions to the specific content types ‘View any content’ for anonymous users and all the roles on our site
  • Rebuild permissions
  • Cleared caches


Pattern we think we found is that the content not visible was migrated from our Drupal 7 site. Nodes we created on the Drupal 8 site seem to be visible.

This access to view the content has changed after the security update last week and after the first time we rebuild permissions after that. This is the only thing we changed on the site.
Does someone has similar problems or suggestions what we could do?

Kind regards,

Hello Nadine,

In both cases you have a view inside a Landing Page. Just to clarify, do the users see the rest of the page?

Hello Konstantinos,

Yes, in both cases users have access to the site but can for example see only half of the content.

As you mentioned the issue is on permissions because the view is visible but the nodes are not. Also you are using the Node View Permissions module to manage access and permissions to view content and it was updated in the last update so it might be causing the issue.

Are you using any other modules to manage content access?

Interesting, would you suggest deinstalling Node View Permissions and then install it again?

Menu item role access was installed some time earlier, but it is not in use anymore.

We also have 2 basic pages as menu links, which are broken/ not displayed depending on different access levels.
Example for anonymous users:

I would suggest to uninstall it to see if it is this module that causes it or not. Better do it in a test site to make sure that nothing is broken.


It worked, implemented it on the normal site as well.
Thank you!

Do you know what I could use instead of this module? Or if you think after installing it again it would work? Are there know issues with this module after the update from last week?
We had a discussion about the use case on this topic: Menu Item Role Access

Kind regards,

Great at least now we know what caused it. Actually I found an open issue reported in the module page that I think is the same use case as yours. Someone mentions in the comments that reverting to version 1.2 fixes the issue (current is 1.3).

What Node View Permissions does is that it gives permissions to View all Content per content type, which is something that is not provided by Drupal core. In other words it provides higher granularity in permissions. If you still need this use case then I would suggest to revert version 1.2.

How to revert to previous version

  1. Mount your site locally
  2. Download the version 1.2
  3. Place the downloaded module under /modules
  4. Re-enable the module from the interface
  5. Rebuild permissions

This should do it. Just please make sure to keep track of the next versions and when the next version arrives, remove version 1.2 in order to get the centralized one.

Let me know if that answers your questions.


Thank you, Konstantinos! This seems like an appropriate solution.

Kind regards,