Views table header font colour invisible

Hi all,

All my views table header text titles use the same colour as the table header background; as a result, invisible table headers text (I’ve highlighted the text so you can see it’s “missing”):

I checked in the Appearance settings, everything seems correct:

And then I found a comment in this forum on the topic of Views table layout where a bit further down it was mentioned thus:

… However in doing so, it has turned all the text white in the table:

What do I do? Website is (with one of the offending pages):


Hello Cath,

It is an issue of this version and already fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Konstantinos,

Ok great, good to know.

Do I need to do something? Or just wait until it’s deployed?


If you need it asap you can install it locally but please remove it when the next version will be deployed, in order to receive future updates.

If not then you can wait for the next update.


@noble the fix will be deployed tomorrow in test sites and June 30 on production ones