[05/2020] Drupal 8.8.6 release (Security update) and central modules update

Update of Drupal Core:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message
Drupal 8.8.4 8.8.6

Update of Centrally Managed Modules:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message
Admin Toolbar (admin_toolbar) 8.x-2.0 8.x-2.2 Update available
CKEditor Font (ckeditor_font) 8.x-1.0 8.x-1.1 Update available
Colorbox (colorbox) 8.x-1.4 8.x-1.6 Update available
CKEditor Color Button (colorbutton) 8.x-1.1 8.x-1.2 Update available
Configuration Update Base (config_update) 8.x-1.6 8.x-1.7 Update available
Chaos Tools (ctools) 8.x-3.2 8.x-3.4 Update available
Display Suite (ds) 8.x-3.5 8.x-3.6 Update available
Entity Browser (entity_browser) 8.x-2.4 8.x-2.5 Update available
External Authentication (externalauth) 8.x-1.2 8.x-1.3 Update available
External Links (extlink) 8.x-1.2 8.x-1.3 Update available
Fast 404 (fast_404) 8.x-1.0-alpha4 8.x-1.0-alpha5 Update available
Feeds (feeds) 8.x-3.0-alpha6 8.x-3.0-alpha7 Update available
Field Formatter Class (field_formatter_class) 8.x-1.1 8.x-1.3 Update available
File (Field) Paths (filefield_paths) 8.x-1.0-beta1 8.x-1.0-beta2 Update available
Hook Event Dispatcher (hook_event_dispatcher) 8.x-1.27 8.x-1.29 Update available
Imce File Manager (imce) 8.x-1.7 8.x-2.2 Update available
Mail System (mailsystem) 8.x-4.2 8.x-4.3 Update available
Menu Block (menu_block) 8.x-1.5 8.x-1.6 Update available
Metatag (metatag) 8.x-1.11 8.x-1.13 Update available
Drupal Upgrade (migrate_upgrade) 8.x-3.1 8.x-3.2 Update available
Panelizer (panelizer) 8.x-4.2 8.x-4.4 Update available
Panels (panels) 8.x-4.4 8.x-4.6 Update available
Paragraphs (paragraphs) 8.x-1.11 8.x-1.12 Update available
Pathauto (pathauto) 8.x-1.6 8.x-1.8 Update available
Redirect (redirect) 8.x-1.5 8.x-1.6 Update available
Search API (search_api) 8.x-1.15 8.x-1.16 Update available
Smart Trim (smart_trim) 8.x-1.2 8.x-1.3 Update available
Token (token) 8.x-1.6 8.x-1.7 Update available
Twig Tweak (twig_tweak) 8.x-2.5 8.x-2.6 Update available
Typed Data (typed_data) 8.x-1.0-alpha4 8.x-1.0-alpha5 Update available
Views Slideshow (views_slideshow) 8.x-4.6 8.x-4.7 Update available
Workbench (workbench) 8.x-1.1 8.x-1.3 Update available
Workbench Access (workbench_access) 8.x-1.0-beta2 8.x-1.0-beta3 Update available
CERN Components v2.7.0 v2.7.1
CERN Display Formats v1.4.0 v1.4.2

Update of Centrally Managed Themes:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message
CERN Theme v2.6.3 v2.6.4

New Centrally Managed Modules

Name Proposed version Message
Permissions by Term 8.x-2.23
jQuery UI Droppable 8.x-1.2 New dependency on panels_ipe module
jquery_ui 8.x-1.4 Dependency from jQuery UI Droppable
jquery_ui_draggable 8.x-1.2 Dependency from jQuery UI Droppable

Planned dates of intervention :calendar:

Test / Personal sites: 2020-05-27T07:00:00Z2020-03-20T11:30:00Z
Official sites: 2020-06-02T11:30:00Z2020-03-23T16:30:00Z


CHANGELOGs of CERN Theme and CERN Components module

CERN Theme

You can find the full CHANGELOG in the theme repository

The changes of v2.6.4 are the following:

  • Fixed broken view filters after update 2.6.0
  • Fixed overflow of underline menu items in Firefox
  • Fixed collapsible dropdown menus having gap between 2nd and 3rd level
  • Aligned spacings menus/view blocks/custom blocks when placed on sidebar regions
  • Added box-shadow for view blocks/custom blocks when placed on sidebar regions
  • Fixed Language Switcher not appearing in mobile devices when menu is open
  • Fixed site name not displaying the correct site name but overridden value (using getRawData() function)
  • Fixed coloring and styling of menu items that are not links
  • Fixed view header colors not inheriting color from color palette
  • Fixed mini pager rendering First and Last items
  • Added delay on unhover of menu items to fix submenus hiding even when hiding by mistake
  • Fixed Preview Card subtext not inheriting correct colors due to different wrapper tags
  • Fixed nested elements in lists not appearing inline with list marker
  • Modified description in Search dropdown overlay to be translatable
  • Removed underline from links in custom tables

CERN Components

You can find the full CHANGELOG in the module repository

The changes of v2.7.1 are the following:

  • Fixed box link for both link and title pattern fields
  • Modified the way links wrap the boxes to be done using HTML instead of JS
  • Increased z-index of scrolling menu to appear above sections in all cases
  • Fixed Preview List Date/Topic/Format pattern fields to always appear inline
  • Added margins in date field of News Display pattern
  • Modified Hero Frame subtitle to hold 100% of height
  • Fixed items placed in right sidebar of Section not receiving the correct classes
  • Fixed Margin Component opacity not working when set to 0
  • Modified Event pattern to render breadcrumbs only if /events url exists
  • Fixed Call to Action Buttons not having space between them in Safari