[11/2020] Drupal 8.9.10 release (security update) and central modules update

Update of Drupal Core:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message
Drupal 8.9.6 8.9.10 SECURITY UPDATE

Update of Centrally Managed Modules:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message
Admin Toolbar (admin_toolbar) 8.x-2.3 8.x-2.4 Update available
Context (context) 8.x-4.0-beta4 8.x-4.0-beta5 Update available
External Links (extlink) 8.x-1.3 8.x-1.5 Update available
Facets (facets) 8.x-1.5 8.x-1.6 Update available
Field Group (field_group) 8.x-3.0 8.x-3.1 Update available
Hotjar (hotjar) 8.x-2.0-rc5 8.x-2.0 Update available
Ludwig (ludwig) 8.x-1.0 8.x-1.4 Update available
Matomo Analytics (matomo) 8.x-1.9 8.x-1.11 Update available
Memcache (memcache) 8.x-2.1 8.x-2.2 Update available
Node view permissions (node_view_permissions) 8.x-1.3 8.x-1.4 Update available
Permissions by Term (permissions_by_term) 8.x-2.25 8.x-2.27 Update available
Search API (search_api) 8.x-1.17 8.x-1.18 Update available
Twig Tweak (twig_tweak) 8.x-2.6 8.x-2.8 " Update available
Views Slideshow (views_slideshow) 8.x-4.7 8.x-4.8 Update available
Views Reference Field (viewsreference) 8.x-1.4 8.x-1.6 Update available
Webform (webform) 8.x-5.20 8.x-5.22 Update available
CERN Components (cern_components) 2.7.4 2.7.5

New Centrally Managed Modules

Name Proposed version Message

Update of Centrally Managed Themes:

Name Installed Version Proposed version Message

Planned release date :calendar:

Test sites: 2020-11-26T14:00:00Z
Official sites: 2020-12-01T07:30:00Z2020-12-01T11:30:00Z


CERN Toolbar
CERN Base Theme
CERN Theme
CERN Display Formats
CERN Components

:rotating_light: Please note that we will attempt to rapidly upgrade the test sites today and give much less than typical time till the upgrade of official sites. :rotating_light:

This is because of the criticality of the vulnerability. Please bear with us over any inconvenience this might cause to your testing.

So you will perform the safety updates? Because I tried to do the update myself but I failed?

Thank you

Yes, it is always like this: we upgrade Drupal core and central modules. Check the upgrade history in this forum category.

The difference is that in Drupal 8, unlike Drupal 7, email alerts are sent to you that we can’t prevent.


No doubt this has already been thought about, but to avoid this kind of repeat confusion is it not possible to add a line of text to the email alerts reminding people that these updates are managed centrally? Like using this hook function maybe: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/core!core.api.php/function/hook_mail_alter/9.0.x