A site doesn't have webtest tools

one of the sites I manage scoollab.web.cern.ch, the webtest version does not have the toolbar on top and does not sign me in as an admin, thus I cannot run the Upgrade Status Report. Why is this happening?

Also, on some other sites I manage in the Update section of the status report there are a few modules but when I go to the update section of the site there are no pending updates to be done after having manually scanned it. Is there something I should do about that?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Konstantinos

Thanks for reaching out.

If you cannot see the administrator menu on a specific .webtest, are you please able to confirm that you are actually part of the e-group(s) which are supposed to grant access? You may find this response helpful: Websites not available in OpenShift infrastructure - #2 by cregelbr.

In regards to the modules you are being prompted to update, can you please confirm whether you are updating on the .webtest preview site, or you actual production website? Please note that changes to .webtest will not impact your production website, nor will any changes be carried over once your production website is moved to the new OpenShift cloud infrastructure. Consider the .webtest exclusively as an opportunity to see how things look on OpenShift as well as to check the Upgrade Status report to gauge what, if anything, needs updating to ensure Drupal 9 compatibility.

Are you referring to the Computed Field and Custom Meta modules?


So yeah for some reason it works now, thank you if you did anything.

Anyhow, no it is the “Pack & Load” and “Simplenews” modules.

Also, after running the scan on the site it has in the collaborate with maintainers these: Webform ( I think you said to ignore this), Site Map, Views PHP and Webform Layout Container. Do I have to do anything about these?