Access rights and permissions

This morning my test website was visible with and without log in.
Then I try to implement some restriction for some pages and I follow the recommendations :

So following the instruction I add the field access ONLY to some of my content types (ex: document and partnership). Now all the pages are access denied.

Must I implement in all my content types and specify if they are public or restricted?
What is my error ?

Thanks for your help, it is the last issue before put in production, in principle at the end of the week

Hello Almudena,

You mean all the pages of the content types that you restricted? When you added the field, what did you set as default option: Public or Restricted? If it is Restricted then by default all the pages will be restricted.


Ok thanks, I understand.
Another issue related the access.
How can I restrict the access to a menu item in the main menu to only CERN registered.
This menu item is a view (list of documents).
Is it possible?
Or the recommendation is to protect the file or document?
Thanks for your feedback
Best regards

By default the rule is that Drupal displays menu items that you have access to visit.

For example lets say that you have a menu items called MEMBERS that points to /node/1:

  • If you have access to /node/1, then the menu item will be displayed.
  • If not, then the menu item will not be displayed


I am really sorry but I have different issues with the access and permissions:
Here you some screenshot regarding the problems:

  1. access denied for all the website if I am sign out

  2. Apply the permission in ONLY in 2 content types, document and partnership, see the image, default value = registered CERN account.

  3. Permission list

The aim is that documents and Partnership are ONLY visible for the CERN account however the rest of the website is public.

Thanks in advance

Hi Almudena,

You should use the Content Access module that has its own settings for permissions per content type and you don’t have to manage them via the website’s permissions page.

It’s much easier in use and there is also a D9 version available.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation.