Access rights to a web form

I have a web form
And the access to the “results” should be grated to the members of the egroup th-dep-staff
THis is at least what I expect and seems to me to be set in

(I need the staff members only to read the form and not to modify/delete it )

but I checked with some of them and none can indeed access it … do you know what I am doing wrong? ad what shall I do to fix it ?
thanks in advance

Hi Elena,

I think you’re not in the right place for this… the webforms tend to have their own access page rather than rely on the generic content access functionality. The generic content access is more about viewing the form and the build settings, it doesn’t deal with submission results.

If you go to your webform, go to the ‘Settings’ tab, and then the ‘Access’ tab. This is where you need to set who can do what - especially for results.

(or direct at [sitename]

See how you get on with that.

Kind regards,

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Hi Elena

I am just following up on this thread: Did Cath’s post above help you?


Dear Catherine, Joachim
I am sorry for the late answer but I couldn’t do it before
Indeed I solved my problem founding the access tab that control the web forms results :
Thanks a lot for your great help !