Access to CERN registered

Dear Colleague,
i have created several content types ( and based on the content type granted the access to several roles.

even if i granted access to the “CERN registered” group for the “home” and “basic page” content, the CERN registered (i believe anyone with a nice account) does not have access.
Could you please advise how to solve this problem.

Hi Joao,

You should have a look at this post View access permissions (public + CERN registered)

For access rights to content is better to use one of the proposed methods in the abover mentioned post.

Hi Sotiri,
i have read the post but there are several instructions in the same post. do you meant that i should uninstall the “content access” module and replace it by the permission by term module? if i take this step then all the other content types that work properly will also be affected.
or should i install “node access” module and have it working together with “content access”?
i am puzzled that the “content access” is working properly for some type of content but not for the basic page and home content.
thanks for your time and reply,

Hi Joao,

Indeed that post has many solutions and it’s a bit confusing.

Personally I use the Content Access module and I see that you have already enabled it in your website.

I checked your configuration for the Basic and Home content content types and it seems correct.

I took a closer look at your permissions and I have noticed that the view published content is checked only for the administrator and the writer roles and this permission supersedes everything.

This setting allows the roles to either see or not see at all content on your website. The correct use is to have it enabled for all roles and use an access control module like content access to manage further access.

If your website is private enable it for any other role apart from anonymous and authenticated (lightweight accounts) users.

Thanks Sotiri!