Accordion grouping


I want to replace the jQuery UI Accordian view format with the CERN component Accordion instead.

Currently I have this:

And I want to have it styled like this:

Except I’m getting this:

I want the Service Element title to list all the products like in the first screenshot, and not as individual entries headed with the Service Element.

How do I do this? I’ve looked at “Aggregate” and “force by” but it then asks me to create hooks and other codey things, and I have absolutely no idea what to do then.


Hey Cath,

Can you please provide the link of the website?


Yep, it’s:

I’ve reverted it back to the jQuery accordion for the time being, but the CERN accordion and “FAQ list” view mode is still available in the background to be reactivated if need be

@noble can you temporarily add me in the admins look in order to have a look in your structure?

By the way, you can do grouping using the accordion and you can see in example in the HSE FAQ. Is it what you want or you want a different structure?

@kplatis ok, you’re in.

Using the HSE FAQ as an example, I would want the header (eg. Hygiene, Personnel, etc) to be the item with the dropdown ‘+’, to then expose the linked titles.

So it’s functionally this:

but styled like:

(which you’d click and then get the entries). I just can’t figure out how to group it so the Accordion header is the drop-down trigger, using the Service Element (or Category) field.

The view at is comprised of several Quicktabs, so in the view you need to look at the blocks entitled “Software: Quicktabs by …” and ignore the others.


Hey @noble,

I dont think this can be achieved with the components. The components are designed to display content of each node and as far as I know you cannot group them to be displayed under one collapsible item (in the current implementation). The closest I can think of is how I did it for HSE website.


Hi @kplatis

Ok, thank you for having looked into it anyway! Good to know where the boundaries are with these components.

I’ll keep tweaking and seeing if there is anything I can do; am just concerned that the jQuery UI thing is going to be obsolete one day, so I need to consider how to best re-do these layouts before that happens.

Thanks! :slight_smile: