Acess denied to add a content type

Dear Colleague,
i am writing to ask if you could help with an acess issue i am experiencing.
Basically i created a new content type (room booking) and a role (Bookers) which is synchronized with an egroup (drupal-bookers-ph-dep-dt-eo). I granted the access to the “Bookers” to create a new content type “room booking” (
Basically the “bookers” can view the published information ( but can add any content (
Many thanks for your time and help.

Dear Joao,

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to do.

You want the role Bookers to be able to create only nodes of type ‘room booking’ but not any other type of nodes? Is that right?

Dear Sotirios,
Yes that’s what i would like to do (that a role "bookers"can create/edit/delete a content type “room booking”, and visualize the views used to display the content type)

Hi Joao,

You need to set this under People->Permissions

Assign permissions to the Bookers role that can only create/edit/delete Room Booking content and not any other.

Within the views you can set the permissions for that role as well.