Activating the debug mode for templates

I am trying to follow the steps from here :

But I don’t find a way to create or edit the services.yml file. It seems that it is outside the directory accessible with webdav.

Any help no that would be useful.

Hi @chernals,

I also tried to do proper debugging for themes etc. and I agree the tools and access we are provided are quite limited (looking forward to the upgraded infra!).

What I do normally is just enable the Devel Kint module and then you can use the kpr() function on the .theme file. I am afraid this is the best it gets :frowning:

I really hope our Drupal admins can give us more powerful developer tools and access on the next iteration of the infra. The developer experience is pretty tough without proper debugging and access.


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Dear Chernals

My recipe:
Create a test site,
clone from your official site to a test-website
go to https://<>/_site/drush.php and follow the instructions.
As results, you have a docker with a full control of your test-website

best regards

@gmesaper Thanks for the tip, this, however, feels overly complicated/restrictive