Adding a role to a Drupal site

I’m trying to define a new role on a Drupal web site.

Following Setup authorization access to Drupal Site, I think I’ve defined the role in OpenShift and associated it with an e-group.

The instructiones above though do not tell me what I should enter onto the Drupal web site itself. What should I put into the name to associate it with the list of users defined in OpenShift ?

Hi Tim,

The only thing you need to define on the Drupal site is the role-name, and that’s it (although if there are specific permissions for that role then you’d select accordingly in the usual Permissions tab, as before.) The egroups set-up is no longer done on the Drupal site.

You then take this role name (using the machine-name that was generated) and then add that as a role on the openshift site, to then attach your egroups there.

As long as you have the identical role-name in both the Drupal site and on the Openshift roles page, then the rest works automagically.



Thanks, that worked well. For others trying this, you can check the role is assigned on the People tab after logging out/logging in when the role is defined.