Adding additional Agenda / Event item

Dear support,

Following the Webtools guideline and the recent forum post.

How can we add additional fields such as “Go to Indico Event” and “When”?
Example from CERN Home Page.

Selected layout is “Agenda” and The field template is on “Default”.
I have also worked on these following fields by the Default view and tried the Full Content: image


Hey Kitti,

Can you provide a link of the website in which website you tried to implement it?


Hi Kostas,

Here is the link to the website.
I cannot see we have the module called “Time agenda”, can that be the reason?


Hey Kitty,

The issue was that you were not using the correct pattern. The correct pattern should be “Event full content”. I changed it for you. The node that you posted does not have any description so it lacks some fields.


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