Adding Field to Migrated Content Type

I have migrated 500+ nodes of my Update content type from D7 to D8. I now want to add a boolean field to that content type. By default, that field should be false. However, when I create a view of all nodes of that content type that have that field set to false, I only see those that I have edited (without making a change). It seems the field is neither true nor false until the nodes are edited. Is there a means for me to “touch” the 500 nodes, so the field is recognised as false? I prefer not to open and close 500 nodes. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

It could be done during the migration by setting the default value using the field tamper module or in the field of the view that creates the feed.

Now I can help you update the value by running an SQL query in your website’s database.

Provide me with the following information:
Name of the website
Name of the content type
Name of the field
Default value to set
What happens with the nodes that they have the opposite value of the default?

Hi Sotirios,
Thank you for the help. The web site is The content type is Update, the fields are “Top Highlight” and “Highlight”. Both need to be set False (which is their default value). If “Top Highlight” is set True, then it is included in a view at the top of /updates-page. If “Highlight” is true, then the node appears in a view just below that. If neither is set, then the node appears in a listing in the content of the page.

Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

Is any of these fields set to True already? If yes should I leave it as it is or should I set them all to False?

You can set them all to false. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

I had to delete all the existing updated brought in by the feed and re-import them. All nodes have default values as False for these two fields. Kostas updated the alias paths as well.

Looks like it worked. Thanks!