Administrator's menu absent

Hi. I’m a total novice, currently following the Drupal8 course for beginners. I have just created a test site, have logged onto it as admin, but I cannot see the “Manage” toolbar with “Content”, “Structure”, “Appearance” etc.
What have I missed?
Thanks to anyone who can help.

Dear John,

If you just created the website then give it a couple of hours and you will get admin access.

Unfortunately the e-groups sync is very slow and sometimes users don’t get admin access immediately once the websites have been created.

Hi Sotirios,

yes that seems to be the explanation. So I will just have to be patient (not my best quality). Many thanks.


Just as a side note, @sboutas, John has created the site based on the Easy start profile, does this affect to what he is looking for?

Hi Ismael. No it doesn’t.

@jpym just to make sure, you don’t see the menu in the screenshot below. Right?

You just see the CERN toolbar with your username on the right. If you see the toolbar with the Manage above it seems that you have admin access and you need to expand the admin menu by clicking on manage.

Correct, I DON’t see that toolbar (still not).


Ok then it just needs time.