Anchor links within site not responding due to images present on page


So I have been tasked with creating a website for my section with the help of Drupal and we are basically finished. There are a few issues however which will not allow us to proceed with the final circulation of the site. The first is the creation of anchor links which are to be accessed through a link in one of the blocks to the right hand side of the page. These anchor links do not access the right area of the page needed, they simply go to the top of the same page each time.

The other problem we are facing is the inclusion of images within the text. We need the images to resize with the desktops zoom scale however, once the zoom level reaches beyond 80% of the screen, the images cover areas such as the blocks on the right and do not stay centred to the text.

Any help with this would be very greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hello Aidan and welcome,

Can you provide a link to the page you refer to? I know there are some issues with anchor links in the CERN Theme and they will be resolved in the next patch of the theme.

Can you provide an example page to have a better look?


Hi Konstantinos,

Yes sorry I should have done in the first place. I have included an image taken from the page which gives a visualization of the problem with the image resizing. I can’t upload any more than one but basically, when the size is around roughly 90% or lower the images are centred to the text correctly however any larger than this and you begin to see problems such as the one outlined in the image provided.


Hello Aidan and sorry for the late answer.

Regarding the anchor issue, I created a Gitlab issue.

Regarding the images, it could be caused from the image attributes. Can you give a link to the page?


Hi Konstantinos,

I apologise for such a long delay in my reply. My team started 100% back at the lab a couple of months ago and so it has been difficult. If you are still willing to help with our issues on our site I would be hugely appreciative! My section leader is pushing for this to be done very soon as I leave CERN in the coming weeks.

The website link is:

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Aidan,

Pictures are in tables which are not responsive.
In order to fix it you have to go to Body-> Source

and in Source add <div class ="table-responsive"> above the <table> where you have the pictures. Just like that:

<div class ="table-responsive">