Any experience / suggestion for better contact forms?


I tried to use the built-in contact forms module but find it very limited.

  • Impossible to force e-mail address in a field group (always appear at the bottom of the form)
  • The generated mail sent to admin layout is really hard to read
  • No possibility to send to a different e-mail address depending on a given answer in the form

Any experience with / suggestion for a better form module under D8?


Hi Francois,

Use the webforms module and please uninstall the Contact module.

Webforms module is much more powerful and does everything you need.

Contact module might cause some issues and might break your translations.

I knew I had to post here :wink:


Which sub-module should I install by default? There are zillions! :wink:

You will need at least the following:

Webform UI
Webform Node
Webform Access

Works like a charm. Very impressive module. Thanks!