Back to drupal theme and problems with content

I am doing some tests with the cas website on here
I wanted to check if I could migrate the website to the CERN theme and leave behind the override. I could solve all issues one by one, but they are two that I dont get.
Could you help me with that?
I would like to understand where is the problem, fix it and, eventually, do the same to the main page (changing to the CERN theme).
My main issue now it is that, once I am back to the CERN theme, on the content, the title is shown at the end, not at the beginning of the page (I dont know why) ex: The CERN Accelerator School
If I cannot solve this issue it will be impossible to go back to the oficial CERN theme, could you help me how to solve that?

Hi Noemi

Thanks for reaching out!

Checking now, I can only see a single title and it happens to be at the top of the page. At first glance, this seems to be correct? Can you please confirm whether you are still experiencing the issue you describe above?


Thanks for your reply Joachim
This is the only page that displays the title on the correct position.
Please check all pages, like History of CAS | The CERN Accelerator School and the ones published on the website… can you see it now?

Dear Joachim,

Every type of content created sets my title at the bottom, not only the basic pages. Can you find out where is the problem?

I moved the web to this adress It has the same problem. The titles of any content is automatically displayed at the end of the content.

Dear Noemi Caraban

A suggestion from another drupal user. Please check the block organization of your website (https://your-site/admin/structure/block) try moving the position of the page title.

best regards


Yes!! It worked!! Thanks!!!