Background color does not appear on Article Box?

Dear colleagues
I have already used the Article box with icon and a background color, see examples in, however I have tried to use the same in the new website, and it does not work anymore…
Is it a bug?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hey Almudena,

I checked your Landing Page and I think it is caused because you have set both a background image and a background color in your Article Box. Can you remove one of the two and see if it is fixed?

If you are to remove the image, remove the whole image dont just change the Media Type from Image to -None- as it is still considered as uploaded.


Thanks a lot Konstantinos
It means that you cannot use the article box with a background color and add an icon,…you must choose
Or use the resources boxes in that case, isn’t it?
Thanks again

Right, if you want to add an icon (the icon of an image, video etc), you should use the Resources Box instead.

Article Boxes are meant to be just for a title, short subtitle and image/color on the background.

Hope that helps.