Background image on Home page not appearing


As stated already during your zoom session, the background image is not showing on the test Procurement website. You said that it should be fixed by you in the coming days but as of today it is not. Is there something we should do on our side should I just be patient :blush: ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Isabelle

No worries, thanks for raising this again!

We have had some websites reporting similar issues; in each instance it was due to the preview website having what is effectively a different domain, thereby either blocking the website from correctly loading resources (e.g. if external sources are disallowed), or simply overriding a filepath (e.g. to where the latter obviously does not exist).

As the migration of your production website to OpenShift (scheduled for this week) does not remove or otherwise alter any files or data, we have no reason to believe you or others will experience this issue. Indeed, your website will be moved in its entirety. However, should you against all expectations experience issues post-migration, we will naturally both be very interested in knowing and be at your disposal in resolving it swiftly. Please note that the migration to OpenShift is not the same as the Drupal 9 upgrade: These are two distinct things happening almost at the same time (and potentially contributing to some misunderstandings!).

So yes, in short, we appreciate your continued patience!

Dear Joachim,
Just to let you know that the background image is still missing on the procurement website.
Let me know if something has to be done on our side.
Marie Isabelle

Hi Marie

I see you guys have a ticket on this matter submitted by Jozef and Oskar.

I will be responding there ASAP.