Background in Hero Header does not render


j’ai contacté le service desk mais ils m’ont adressé ici.

Je souhaiterais pourvoir mettre une image en background sur notre site web or les backgrounds dans Hero Header ne s’affichent pas. Seul le background dans l’onglet background s’affiche mais alors pas de changement d’image de fond.

Comment faire comme sur la page d’accueil du CERN sur notre site ?



Could you provide me with the URL of your website?

Hello @lleroux ,

I had a look in your website and I noticed the following that cause the issue:

  • As you can see in the following GIF, you set a background both for the background of the section and the background of the Frame. I guess you did it because you the Frame background does not render, but keep in mind that the background of the Section covers the background of the Frame. So its better to remove it.
  • The issue is caused from the Section Effects option of the first Section. In order to fix it set the effect to -None- as I do in the following GIF.
  • Also something extra: Set the Display setting to Fluid Width as I do in the following GIF. That permits to display the background of the Frame in its full width.

Sum up

So to sum up

  1. Remove the Background of the Section
  2. Change the Effects option to None
  3. Change the Display option of the Section to Fluid width

Let me know if you have any other issue



thanks a lot, I have now the image in the middle. How could I have the image from the top beginning of the page (with the menus on it)?



Hello Lynda,

Glad that it works. Regarding the menu, you should check the “Has Header?” option in the section that includes the Hero Header.

Hope that helps,