Burger menu does not appear in tablet devices


A small question about the menu, in drupal 8,

If the screen is too small (tablet, phone) a menu normally collapses to a picture of three lines.

This does happen on my phone, but not on my tablet (samsung, normal size).
Due to that, the menu takes way to much place…

Is that normal ? Can I do something about that ?

Kind Regards,

Hello Pieter,

Yes the behaviour is normal but we have also noticed the fact that it is too small for tables. Thats why in the next version of the theme the menu will turn to burger menu (three lines) in all devices with width resolution < 1300 px. That cases obviously includes tablets and small laptops too.

The version is already implemented, we just have to deploy it.


That’s great. I saw that the “burger menu” (nice name) now only appears if screen is smaller that 600px.

Thanx !