Cannot install Cern Landing Page correctly

Hello everyone,
I’m having a problem with the Cern Landing Page module.
When I try to install it as the first module on a newly migrated website I got this error:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error : Call to a member function getFieldStorageDefinition() on null in Drupal\Core\Field\Entity\BaseFieldOverride->getFieldStorageDefinition() (line 114 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field/Entity/BaseFieldOverride.php ).

I got this error on 2 different websites.
Can you please help me understand why it happens?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Andrea,

Can you give me the URL of your website?



Hi Kostas,
thanks for the reply!

Here is the URL:


Thanks, I am investigating it. Probably it is related to a dependency in the installation. I will let you know when I find it.

Hello Andrea,

I found the issue and it is not directly caused by the Landing Page but by a bug of the Paragraphs module. I will give a bit more background in order to better understand it.


The landing page module has a dependency to different paragraph modules which pre-configure the paragraph types. This configuration is achieved using functions from the Paragraphs module. However there is an open bug to the paragraphs module which is caused in the latest version 1.8.0. When you enable the Landing Page module, it has a dependency to the Section paragraph and the section one has dependencies to the rest of the necessary paragraphs (Article Box etc) and some of these dependencies cause the error by using a buggy function.


As you will notice in the issue post someone has created a quick fix patch for the paragraphs module. You can find the patch on the top of the page.


All you have to do is apply the patch in the module. Normally the patch should be applied in the infrastructure level since the Paragraphs module is placed under the CERN infrastructure (@eduardoa @iposadat ), However if you are in a hurry and you want the fix asap you can install the paragraphs module locally and apply the patch on your own.

In order to apply a patch:

  1. Download the patch and place it inside the paragraphs module
  2. Apply the patch using git apply -v <filename>. In this case git apply -v 3043708.patch
  3. If everything goes well you will see a message like Applied patch paragraphs.install cleanly.
  4. Delete the patch file since you dont need it anymore

Important Note: If you decide to install the module locally then you will not get the module updates automatically but you will be responsible to update them.

Either way the patch will probably be included in the next Paragraphs version, since it is a crucial bug.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Dear Andrea,

we will apply the patch globally in the infrastructure soon, so no need to install the module locally, just wait for us to complete the operation.

Thanks @kplatis for pointing to the solution.


Thank you very much @kplatis and @eduardoa for your replies!

I will wait for the global patch