Can't add more web components to the French translation of my Landing page

The English version of the Landing page of my web site has a button to add more web components to its Main column. See also screen shot here:

Whereas in the French version, the list of web components is limited to 3 and no button to add more components is available. See also screen shot here:

I would be grateful if somebody could help to fix this bug.
By the way, I am using the standard CERN theme without any customisations.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Dear Gabi,

For what we know at the moment this is not a general issue since it hasn’t been reported by any other website provided and all websites works fine with the French version. In fact the admins can use the English version to make changes that will reflects on the french version as well.

What we can do now, without further investigations, if the website has not been altered with content in the recent week we can restore the website to one of the older states.

Kind regards,

Dear Lorenza,

many thanks for your suggested solution. I am afraid that a restore would overwrite the changes I have introduced since :frowning: Therefore I would be grateful if you could investigate further to understand where the issue comes from.
I have furthermore noticed that when I am publishing a new article on the English version of the Landing Page, the French version does not reflect it and I have to update it manually. This behaviour is not new, it was in fact since the very beginning like this. Therefore I did not identify it as a bug.

Hoping that you can help to find the source of the problem,

Hey Gabi

I am just confirming that we have observed this issue on a few other websites and are actively investigating. We apologise for any inconveniences caused, and appreciate your continued patience in getting the matter resolved. Of course, should you encounter any other issues, please do not hesitate getting in touch.