Captcha module problem blocking access to feature 'notify me of jobs' of

Dear All,
Our IT infrastructure team has recommended we reach out here as they can’t help with the following problem and advise Drupal community members might have guidance to provide.
The problem: In the footer of there is a feature ‘Notify me of jobs’. candidates are unable to subscribe to this ‘notify me of jobs’ as the pop-up is blocked by a photo on the website.
The IT team say: Indeed the captcha workflow cannot be completed, but the reason it cannot be completed is due to the way this page has been written. Unfortunately, neither the Drupal Infrastructure nor the Web team have the scope to help you with this specific issue, since we are responsible for the common elements that underpin all of CERN’s Drupal websites, and not the specific content within any one of them.
Any clues of advice out there? warm thanks! Anna & Annie

Hi Anna

Thanks for reaching out.

Please be advised that this is not, in fact, caused by the reCAPTCHA module. Indeed, if you tweak the styling of your website and allow a much bigger footer, we can see the full modal as in the below screenshot. As you can see, even if you remove the reCAPTCHA element, it simply would not fit within the specified footer height.

We also checked against the backup clone from Drupal 8 on the old infrastructure, and the problem is exactly the same. Indeed, this suggests that this functionality has been broken for a very long time; possibly since creation. It is entirely due to the way in which you are styling your website. However, since you have what effectively amounts to a full form, I suggest moving it to a dedicated page and simply linking to that in the footer. You could also make it pop-up from the footer, but that would likely be more extensive than merely creating a dedicated page.


Thanks Joachim, gosh we have unpleasant relics in the design of this page, thanks for your help in identifying them. So if I crate a new page (basic page?) and link it it works? or must I create a whole new webform? thanks!

I’m afraid I can’t find or see it in the content, and as I can’t see what it contains, I am unable to recreate - how to retrieve this?

To be honest there must be something more behind it as well as how to they get altered to the jobs? Having not seen how this was built I don’t know how to work backwards to understand how to recreate it. Sorry for the mess…

Just checking if @noble has ever had any similar issue.

A long time ago yes, I did have a lot of problems with the old Captcha module. However more recent versions (and not using a locally-installed module but the central one instead) in more recent years did not cause me any issues.

@acook maybe I can have a look inside the website (with my site-building hat on, not deep-tech hat a la @kosamara or @joachim) - if you want to DM me on Mattermost? I will need admin access via egroup if you want me to have a peek inside. Let me know!


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BTW I certainly never had this as a footer - it always opened up a new page…