Categorize the FAQs


I followed the procedure hereunder to create categories for my FAQs but it doesn’t work. I probably did something wrong…

  1. Create a taxonomy vocabulary and terms
  2. Create a field in your FAQ Content Type to tag the FAQ content with the terms from step 1
  3. In your accordion view select to group the FAQs using the taxonomy field from step 2

Here the link to my website:

Hello Guylaine,

I checked your configuration and steps 1 and 2 are correct.

However in step 3 you have chosen the field category:delta instead of category.

This is what you have

This is what you should add instead

After you add it change the Grouping Field to be the one you added.


Thank you Konstantinos,

I’ve made the required changes but it still doesn’t work:

Do I need to clear the caches ?


You need to also add the field as Grouping Field.

Next to Accordion click on “Settings” and in Grouping Field Nr1 select the field you added


Thank you it works :slight_smile:
However, I would like to remove the link on “registration” because when I click on it, it leads to a new page:

For that you need to click on the field you added and uncheck it from being linked

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Thank you :wink:
I see on this website that the questions are in blue.

How can I do the same ?

It is mentioned in the documentation of the Accordion display format.


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solved :wink: thank you very much !