CDS Feed?

Hi all,

I’m building a site for TileCal and we’d like to implement a CDS feed that displays recent publications, documents in circulation, etc., concerning the TileCal group. I want to do something similar to the “documents in circulation” section of the main ATLAS webpage, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it.

  1. Are there RSS feeds that you can import from CDS into Drupal 8?
  2. If so, how do you do it? If not, are there alternative streams I can use to set a feed up?

Thanks so much!

Hi Alec,

If you go to For scientists | CERN you will see that we use two feeds from CDS (Latest Experiment Results and Latest Theory Papers).

Go to CDS, make a search query with the filters that you want and in the results page at the bottom you will see an RSS icon. Click on that and it will give you the RSS feed for your query.

Then in order to create a feed in Drupal follow this guide on the Drupal tools website Create feeds to import content | Drupal @ CERN

Hi Sboutas,

Thanks for your direction as always. I see now how to get the RSS feed from CDS and I created a CDS Feed type on Drupal. After importing the feed, however, I get this:

It also tells me that it imported several articles from the query I made on CDS. However, it won’t display those articles. Is it possible to create a block that adds this feed into the block?

Hi Alec,

Did you create a content type to map the fields of that feed? If your configuration is correct when you click import it should create nodes of that content type you created.

Once the nodes are created you can see them in Content page. You can create a view then to display the nodes of this content type.


I’m not sure how to do what you said, so I’m sure I haven’t done that yet. Is there a tutorial I can view somewhere to teach me to do all that?


Hi Alec,

Have a look at this video tutorial

It shows how to create a feed and import data from a CSV file and map it into an node.

You have to do exactly the same for the RSS. Create a new content type with fields for the feed and then map your RSS fields to the node’s fields.

I’ll take a look into this. Thank you!