CERN template with wrong colors in some cases, display issues

Hello all,

I am preparing a D7-D8 migration.
I have used the “easy” test site ( for this, and I have a few questions.

Could you please advise how to resolve the following issues? What am I doing wrong?

  1. and
    While in the landing page the CERN theme colors are correct, when I add a module (Featured banner in this case) the text block settings do not have the CERN colors.

  2. Landing home page/middle section/view of the news page in boxes: the letters of the topic and date are in black instead of white.

  3. the titles of the accordion are huge, I have tried to change the title’s size via “manage display” however it seems I cannot save my choice. I can update; it seems accepted, but nothing changes and when I return to the settings, I find h2 again.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @aleventa,

I am answering the issues below.

Problem 1

The Landing Page overrides the colors of CERN Theme so that you will have the flexibility to have different colours per Landing Page.

Problem 2

This is fixed by visiting /admin/structure/types/manage/news_page/display/card and at the bottom of the page change Pattern Settings > Field Templates from Default to Only Content

Problem 3

This is fixed by visiting /admin/structure/types/manage/ppe_page/display/card and and removing the h2 wrapper.


Hi Konstantine,

Thank you for your help, it is ok now.

Have a nice day and week!