Change name of a page (alias)

Hello, I notice that we named a web drupal 8 page in a non-user-friendly way and I would like to rename it now
Can I just change the alias of the page ? If I do so, will the old “name” still working ? (we already publicised so it will take some time before it is not used anymore …)
Do you have other suggestion about how to proceed ?
thanks in advance

Hi Elena,

You need the modules Path auto and Redirect enabled on your website.

If you mean on Theory website I checked and only path auto was enabled so I enabled the Redirect for you.

In my opinion all websites should have path auto and redirect modules enabled to avoid broken links.

You can now change the alias and a redirect will be created automatically from the old path so both old and new paths will work.

mm you know I am null … so I tried and in
II have the URL alias to /e-groups-subscription-unsubscription
then below
URL redirects
no URL redirects available …

so shall I change the alias here or in the “add url redirect” ?

Just change the alias in this page and save the node.

A URL redirect will be created automatically.

There is no need to add one on your own.