Changes to websites on D8 in the meantime and links to other websites

HI, As we review our sites as instructed in Drupal, in the states that they have been migrated, I haven’t see any instruction to stop udpating content while the migration is prepared - nor anything about links between websites and how these will be assured (e.g. currently the Diversity and inclusion website links to HR pages, but the HR ‘new’ drupal website is inaccessible owing to sso issues - how will we know all is linking to the right version) - can you advise?

Hi Anna,

haven’t see any instruction to stop udpating content while the migration is prepared

That’s because the websites will be copied again next week when we move the “live” URL to the Cloud, overwriting the preview with your latest content.
There will only be a very small window of time (20’ typically) for each site where changes can be lost when we switch the main URL. The exact moment will be different for each website. We expect this to happen over a period of time by the end of next week and will create an OTG for that a few days in advance.

about links between websites and how these will be assured

I’m not sure I understand this question. We do not change the content or the URLs of your websites. While we do replace the old SSO with the new SSO, this will not affect which parts of the website are publicly accessible.

Maybe I didn’t understand your question?

Hi and thanks so much for your prompt reply, that’s very kind - ok so any changes I make, say tomorrow will be copied over I take it (I’ll strive not to touch any content further before migration :-)).
For the links, I meant the cross links to other websites, e.g. to HR website from careers websites - cross-links.
But regarding your last comment, we agree our urls remain the same overall, e.g. won’t change of course ?

Hi Anna

The domains are only for preview purposes. A site’s domain, and thus any links to it, will not change as a result of the migration to OpenShift nor the upgrade to Drupal 9. In the specific case of .cern websites, it is a bit more complicated implementation wise and may thus take a bit longer. If necessary, there will be a period of time in which a .cern website simply redirects to This is all done automatically and behind the scenes by us. As such, please rest assured that you need not update any links. This also applies in the event that a link is temporarily redirected.

I hope this addresses your concern!

Hello Joachim, thanks it does indeed! I am looking forward to checking and soon, but SSO problems seem to prevent me from doing so. Oscar in FAP is following up. thanks for your precious help!

Hi Anna

Are you please able to confirm whether the SSO issue persists on In regards to : This website will have a preview available later today. I will update this post to reflect that once done.

EDIT: The preview of Careers can be seen at:


Hi Joachim! I confirm I was able to connect to just now, so all good. I await further instruction for :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi Anna

Just following up, please see


Great, I will check today :slight_smile: thanks!