Changing CSS with bullet pojnts


When there are bullet points within a text, the text is aligned with the bullet points:

I received a request to have the text aligned with itself (and not the bullet point).
After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that this behaviour is in the CSS of the CERN Theme.
Is that correct?
If so, if i want to change it, I need to override the CERN Theme?

Thank you,

Hi Emilie,

I do not know about the CERN theme, but I am interested to see an answer to this question too.

could you create a CSS with this:

    list-style: initial;
    margin: initial;
    padding: 0 0 0 40px;

    display: list-item;

and see if it does the trick ?

Dear Emilie,

Thank you for reporting this. We will deploy the fix with the next Drupal update.

In the meantime if you feel comfortable using the override theme you can add the following CSS to fix the issue:

ul li {
text-indent: -0.8em


Thank you both for your replies.
I would rather not use the override theme but it also depends when the fix will be deployed.
When is the next Drupal update?


It depends if the next update has security fixes.

Probably it will take a month but not sure 100%. If we know more we will let you know.

Hello Sotirios,

Do you have any news regarding the timeline of this fix?

Thank you,

Hello Emilie,

A fix is already deployed. Can you check again your site and/or provide a link?


Hello Konstantinos,

I have checked and it seems that the text still aligns with the bullet and not itself in those pages:

Is there anything I should do on my side?

Thank you