Changing font style on the landing page

It drives me crazy that after several hours of trials, I still cannot figure out how to change the font style on some text on the landing page.
Does any one know know to do it? I can change “bold”, “italic”, etc. I can change fonts from Arial, Comic Sans MS, Courier,etc. but they are all displayed in the same sloppy style.
Letters are drawn with a border and they almost overlapp, which give a very bad impression, especially on the landing page, as if the text was blurred.

I wanted to include a screen shot in this message, but the “upload” option does not seem to work properly. Does anyone know how to upload a screen shot to illustrate the pint I am making above?


The landing page showcases the font style that is inbuilt with the CERN theme, however you can do amendments to the styling of your website by using the Source in your Drupal site. Refer to the screenshots below

One can use inline css to get the desired output. CSS tags under style or tags such as font can be used to change the font style/family of the text along with font-size, colour etc.

You can use the source to add a custom HTML and CSS code to get the desired output in the required font size, style, colour etc.

For reference here is an example that has font style as cursive, font-colour as orange and font-size as 50px.

I hope this helps.