Contact us webform


I’ve added to my web the webform Contact us, already created by other user.
First, I would like to ask if I’m allowed to use this content. and if so, is there any way to edit it (I would like to delete an explanatory phrase added for web editors)?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Cristina,

Can you provide the URL of your website?


Hi Cristina.

Yes you can use this content.

In order to edit the webform Sign in to your website and go to Structure->Webforms

There you will see a list of all available webforms (currently only the Contact one).

To add/update or delete fields click on Build under the Operations column.

To set up the webform, such as send notification emails, set permissions, close/open form etc., click on Settings under the Operations column.

In order to make the change to the field that you want click on Build. You will see a list of fields. The first field has the text for the editors “[processed_text]”. Click on Edit. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

The changes to the field have been applied, click on View tab to see the Contact webform.

Perfect, thank you very much for your help!