Content building menu not available in webtest


I’m trying to follow the instructions to test a site I’m responsible for:

The viewable site itself is a dummy - it is used to build forms for, and generate mailed links to, anonymous elections in ATLAS. Consequently all of my interactions with this site are via a content editing menu that I can see in the current Drupal8 version (see 1st screenshot).

In the second screenshot (*) you can see what I have in the Drupal9 test version:

As you can see I have no content building menus and so I can’t do any meaningful tests, because all I can see is the dummy page. Please could you advise me how I can get the menu for the test version? At I guess I’d say it is because I don’t have editing rights for the test version. Is that correct?

Thanks and best wishes,

James Catmore

(*) In fact this board only lets me attach one screenshot, but I think you’ll get the idea - I don’t have any menus at the top of the page

Dear James
Could you please send us a screenshot before and after, to see which menu has disappeared… Is it a navigation menu? It is not clear enough for me.

Hello Almudena,

This screenshot James attached is “before” (i.e.
Please find below the screenshot “after” (i.e. )

All the admin menus are missing (marked by red crosses), i.e. we do not have any editing rights anymore.

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Hi @almudena.solero ,

indeed, it is exactly as @ldannesb says - the screenshot I posted is the thing we see in the production version, with the menus like “Content”, `“Structure”, “Appearance”. With the test Drupal9 we don’t see any of these, and as I wrote, without them the page is useless because all of our interactions with it are via these menus.

My understanding is that only users with editing permissions can see these menus. A user without them sees just the blank page and no menus. So I suspect that our editing rights have not been transferred to the test page. However, without editing rights we can’t test any of the functionality of the voting system, which as I say is accessed via these menus.

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P.S. I did try to attach both before and after, but I got a message from the board saying that, as a new member, I was only allowed to attach a single file.

Hi all

Just following up on this topic as it appears similar to Depending on the outcome of the above, we might be able to replicate the steps on the atlas-voting.

Updates to follow.


Hi again

Are you able to check your website once again please and confirm whether the problem persists?


Hi @joachim ,

thanks for continuing to follow this up. Unfortunately, I still don’t see the menus when I follow this link:

Please see attached screen shot.

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Hi James

Thanks for checking yesterday. We will look into this further and get back to you ASAP.

We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause, and appreciate your continued patience.


Hi @joachim ,

I just checked the main page:

following the migration, and it seems that everything looks OK. So I suspect the problems we reported above were indeed issues with the permissions for the test page, rather than anything to do with Drupal9 itself.

So, on the assumption that the above page has indeed been migrated to 9, I think we can close this ticket.

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Hi James

Please note that your website has not yet been moved to Drupal 9: The migration which has successfully completed has been your website being moved to the new cloud infrastructure (OpenShift). However, according to, your website is in fact compatible with Drupal 9 as is. Consequently, since things are now working correctly, and since the Upgrade Status report does not suggest any further work is necessary, you should be all good. You need not do anything for the Drupal 9 upgrade to complete: We handle that centrally.

Please do not hesitate reaching out if something does cause issues!

Hi @joachim ,

indeed, I realised after I’d posted the above that the migration in the e-mail I got from the Drupal service referred to the cloud rather than to Drupal 9. Anyhow, thanks for the reassurance that the site will still work in Drupal 9. We don’t have any elections for a while so this will give us time to test the site before it has to be used “for real” again.

Thanks again!