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Dear Drupal team,

Could you please tell me if there is a way to add a standard cookies notification to the website (so that when people go to there is a message underneath the page saying: "This website uses cookies…). Is it something I can do in configuration? I did search for this option but had not much success yet.

Thank you very much in advance for your great help!

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Hey - you need to enable a module for this. It’s called ‘CookieConsent’.

I haven’t used it myself but I recall this was the operation required…


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Hi Anastasiia

You need to use the module CookieConsent as noted by Cath above.

If you do not see this module on your website, you can grab a copy here: CookieConsent |


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Dear @Cath, dear @Joachim,

Thank you so much for your prompt replies and help! It is really great to be always able to find support and answers in this forum!

I will give the CookieConsent a try!

Have a nice day!

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