Custom modules update problem

I have received an email about madatory custom modules updates in order to migrate my website ( to Drupal 10. I have updated all the modules in my module folder. But the email also lists a series of custom modules that I can’t find in the modules list.


The following custom module(s) are currently installed on your website, but have no available release which is compatible with Drupal 10:

  • ams_collaboration
  • ams_event
  • ams_formatter
  • broken_link
  • cron_citation
  • cron_nevent
  • migrate_source_csv
  • ultimate_cron

Thank you for your help,

Dear Jan

Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve taken a look at your website ( and it would appear as though that while these modules indeed are uninstalled, they were at one point installed and thus remain present in one or more database tables. This should not be a problem for the compatibility of your website, however. You are all good. We understand that this can be a little confusing. As we have not developed your website, we relied on what Drupal told us was installed on your website in generating the automated e-mail you received.

I hope this clarifies matters!