Customize Search page

Is it possible to change:

  • the text in the Search bar ‘E.G. BIRTH OF THE WEB, LHC PAGE 1, BULLETIN…’
  • and the text below ‘Enter the terms you wish to search for.’ ?
    Thanks for your reply!
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Hello Salome,

Currently there is no such possibility, without overriding the theme. However it is a nice idea to be supported, so I created a feature ticket so that it will be implemented and deployed in the next minor version of the theme.


Great! Thanks a lot!

Hi Konstantinos
I have seen the feature ticket regarding the search, how can configure?
Is it possible to open the search in other page?
It is not really readable…See the result in the website


Hello Almudena,

Actually this is an issue of colors not being applied. Can you please navigate to Appearance > Settings of your theme and then just scroll down and save the form? That will apply the color settings in your site. Let me know if it works.


No it does not work

Another question is how to translate the SEARCH in RECHERCHE…???
I have seen that in the CERN website works everything however I do not get the same result…
Thanks for your help

For that you need to navigate to /admin/config/regional/translate and search for the interface word that you want to translate and write the translation.
After applying the translation make sure to clear the caches.

This is probably because you use the CERN Override theme and more specifically an older version of it so you need to update to the latest version. if you do not know how to do it without overriding your current settings, I can update it for you.


Yes please… for the version update
and thanks for the translation :slight_smile:

Hello Almudena,

I applied an updated version of the colors so the issue is fixed.

FYI: I noticed that the colors were overridden so I just added the “extra” colors of the search so that I will not mess with the overrides.


Thanks a lot

Hi again
regarding the translation I have searched and I can only find this

However I cannot see where I can traslate the label… :thinking:

If you can help me,…I would thank…

pff that took me some time to find :face_with_monocle:

So the “issue” is that search is case sensitive and it looks on how the word is rendered. In this specific case the word is not Search but SEARCH. So just change your search for SEARCH and you will find it.


Thanks a lot for your help!.. Now I found the SEARCH… :wink:
It was no easy…

I cannot find the “E.G. BIRTH OF THE WEB, LHC PAGE 1, BULLETIN” in /admin/config/regional/translate.
I would like to translate it.
Any idea?
Kind regards,

Dear @mbbouvie,

We can’t translate it. It’s not a part of field so we can’t translate it. I’m working on one ticket though so we could modify it as we’d like. I’ll let you know when the solution will be released.

Best regards,