D8 themes - CERN toolbar not sitting happy

Hi all,

In every D8 theme I’ve tried with the ‘menu up top’ - for example Drupal 8 Zymphonies, Nexus, Business (all of which I use in the D7 version in my websites, and works fine), the CERN toolbar sits as an overlay on the page and partially/totally obscures the menu and logo.

Is there any secret code you can point me to that can help shift everything down on the page by however much it is to allow for the CERN toolbar?

Or do you have a way to replicate the CERN toolbar locally in the code until this issue is fixed? I am aware that Openlab had to do this for their D8 website.




The quick fix would be to add some CSS that does exactly that: shifting everything down by the height of the CERN toolbar.

It depends on how the elements are organised in your theme, but in my themes, normally I just have to add the padding on the top of the #banner and/or the #main elements, like this:

#banner {
    padding-top: 40px;
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Perfecto, thanks :slight_smile: