D9 - embedded images deformed

Hi all - just a heads-up. I found some issues with embedded issues in D9, namely the image embedded in text does not ‘smart resize’, and you end up with a giant deformed image in one/both axes.

The way round this is to set in source both the image height AND width to 100% - style="width:100%; height:100%;"

The automatic ratio resizing that used to happen when setting just one parameter eg. just width=X% no longer works in D9 - you have to set both parameters now.

Have a nice day :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Cath

Thanks for posting this!

In the vast majority of cases, merely adding height="auto" within the img tags is sufficient. In the upcoming release of the CERN Drupal Distribution, this will be fixed centrally. If you are using locally installed themes, you would need to continue using the above workaround (or manually update your theme installation).