Date format

Hello, I have a web form where I would like the user be able to enter a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy (ie 28.11.2022)
On my site
in the form for the item date → advance → submission display I have “fallback date format” but as it is not clear to me what this means I also tried Simple date
In both cases it seems I am not able to decide in which format I want people to be able to enter it
Instead in the result form I have as I wish (either 28.11.2022 or 28 Sep 2022)
Can you help me ? (please let me know If you need more details)
thanks in advance

Hey @gianolio,

I see that the webform works fine with the input type for the date in the format (dd/mm/yyyy) you wish for. Upon every entry to the date field the webform reciprocates the result in the desired dd/mm/yyyy format. Also to add it is on the user to choose and navigate into the date, month and year sections respectively, the entry field and view you get is default and static across all such date format field/s on drupal.

I hope this clears the air, in case you have any further issues or maybe we misinterpreted your question, please feel free to correct us by writing back to this thread.