Decrease functionality after upgrade


Yesterday 03/23/2022 - 17:54, after the update, our ALICE websites lost functionality. It is very uncomfortable to work without warnings of possible changes. Again, please we need fluid communication about updates, changes.

Guillermo Mesa
ALICE webmaster

file_get_contents(): SSL: Connection reset by peer in Drupal\alice_collaboration\Plugin\Block\SubmissionsBlock->fillTable() (line 138 of /drupal-data/modules/alice_collaboration/src/Plugin/Block/SubmissionsBlock.php).
file_get_contents(): Failed to enable crypto in Drupal\alice_collaboration\Plugin\Block\SubmissionsBlock->fillTable() (line 138 of /drupal-data/modules/alice_collaboration/src/Plugin/Block/SubmissionsBlock.php).
file_get_contents( failed to open stream: operation failed in Drupal\alice_collaboration\Plugin\Block\SubmissionsBlock->fillTable() (line 138 of /drupal-data/modules/alice_collaboration/src/Plugin/Block/SubmissionsBlock.php).
file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in Drupal\alice_collaboration\Plugin\Block\ConferencesBlock->fillTable() (line 133 of /drupal-data/modules/alice_collaboration/src/Plugin/Block/ConferencesBlock.php).
Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Drupal\alice_collaboration\Plugin\Block\ConferencesBlock->fillTable() (line 136 of /drupal-data/modules/alice_collaboration/src/Plugin/Block/ConferencesBlock.php).

Dear Guillermo,

We took due diligence with our last discussion regarding advance warning for potentially breaking updates and are in the process of concretizing the workflow.

Regarding this particular event, are you sure about the time?
Yesterday 2022/03/23 starting from 20:15 we deployed an update, which however was considered strictly non-breaking, since it only added an extra module and didn’t update any of the existing ones. Also, this update was an urgent response to a security incident (OTG0070007). Therefore, there are 2 possibilities:

  • if the time of the incident is correct, it has nothing to do with updates and should be investigated separately
  • if it has something got to do with the updates that happened after 20:15, then we should discuss exactly what the interaction between the update and your module was

So, to understand the issue, can you please confirm the time and why you believe it is related to an update?

Hi Guillermo

I note that in the error, you have both sub_feed and next_week_conf-feed. Are these by any chance Indico feeds? If yes, the api_key and secret_key you previously relied on needs to be updated with one you create yourself. Indeed, it relates directly to the stickied thread in this forum. I hope to have our updated documentation done soon.


Dear Joachim and Konstantinos
The update of the INDICO module does not affect us. We have our own INDICO module called ALICE INDICO and it is working correctly. What is failing? PHP file_get_contents() statement in the call to the information exported and used by the other ALICE websites. If we look at the following lines
“SSL: Connection reset by peer” we can notice a sudden change in the communication between the different websites. What is the reason?
It all started with an unexpected downtime of the sites.
we received different emails (the sender is omitted), e.g.
Sent: 23 March 2022 17:43
To: alice-webmaster (Alice Webmaster Group)
Subject: conference site is down
So on and so forth with several websites at the same time. After several minutes the websites are online again, but with errors.
I’m not opposed to updates, ok, I’m just asking for advance notice, and a minimum of technical information about what is changing, how hard is that to achieve?
Best regards