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Dear all,

I need a web-site for “CERN insiders”, so I have suppressed “view public content” for anonymous users. Then asked one of my colleagues to check what happens : he had to sign in, fair enough, but was then automatically directed to his user account page … ?

So, 2 questions :

  • does this mean that whoever will look at the content will create an account ?
  • how can I redirect them to the welcome page instead ?

Thanks. Claire.

Hi Claire
Regarding the first point:

  • access restriction to CERN insiders, I suppose you mean members of the personnel with a CERN account? In that case they must not create an account ONLY use the CERN account, and of course necessary to do a SIGN IN. Please tell me if I well understood your question.

The second point:

  • the redirection to the user account page is an issue due to the D9 migration and is known and ongoing. Thanks for your patience.

However in the meantime I can suggest some solutions to access to the welcome page to avoid lost the visitors to your website.

Firstly, start to create a custom block, place in main content and configure as follows:

Then, you can add a text on the block and a link to the welcome page

Dear colleague,
Thank you for accessing this website! Follow the link
Kind regards.

or if you are comfortable with code you can add something as:

<script>"", "_self");


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Hi Claire

Almudena’s post is good! I just wanted to further explain her last suggestion in case this is not immediately clear to you: Adding a snippet like that will automatically redirect the now signed in user to what you specify in the part. This is essentially what you can achieve by using the Redirect module, too. The _self part tells the browser that it should load the specified page in the current tab.


Dear both,

@Almudena : yes, I mean people who already - do- have the credential to pass though the CERN usual gateway and are used to sign-in. And my surprise was to discover that a new account is created on the web site, which is an overkill compared to the previous functionalities.

Sorry for pointing this out if it was known and is being worked on. I must have got lost in the documentation. Adding hacks, code and sniplets is not my (beginner’s) level I’m afraid.

Cheers, Claire.

Dear Claire
No problem at all to point out something already known, we are here to help you.

Regarding the access restriction, perhaps I do not understand your point. If you need only authorize the view published content accessible to CERN registered, for more informatio see the definition of roles:

However I am not sure if I have well understood your problem, so plese feel free to send me more information if you need help.


Dear Almudena,

Well, I guess that when the redirection mechanism will be fixed centrally it will become transparent: whoever signs in will not notice that an account was created on my web site, and I’ll just see it if, as admin, I have the curiosity to list and check accounts.

Cheers, Claire.

In any case if you add the block as I suggest the visitors could not see any user account page and not be disturbed.
Thanks again and do not hesitate to ask all you need even if it is already known :grinning: