Difficulties to add a new webform as link in the main navigation menu

Dear Colleagues,

I was wondering if I could please ask you to help me with a new webform, that I created by making a copy of an existing one.

I am not able to visualize this new webform when I try to add it as link to a main navigation menu. Is it possible that there are any issues with the ID webform that is identical to an existing one in the website, that I used as source to make the duplication? I tried to modify the ID of the new webform, but the ID field seems to be not editable here: RADIATION TEST REQUEST FOR EXTERNAL USERS | CHARM (cern.ch)

The website is https://charm.web.cern.ch/, the new webform is RADIATION TEST REQUEST FOR EXTERNAL USERS | CHARM (cern.ch) and it should be added here RADIATION TEST REQUEST | CHARM (cern.ch)

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello Valentina,

To add webform links to the main navigation menu, I used the webform node module.
Once the module is installed, you will be able to create a new content type with the attached webform via https://charm.web.cern.ch/node/add/webform. You will have to select your new radiation request form in the dropdown list in one of the fields while creating the node.

Then you should be able to add this new node link to the navigation menu the usual way.

I believe the current webform links have been added to your website in a different way in the past, but I am not sure how.

I hope this helps.


Dear Lina,

Thank you for your reply. The Webform nodule is already installed. Or do you mean another module with the same name?

Thank you,

Hello Valentina,

Yes, this is exactly the module I meant.

Kind regards,


I copy here the solution that I mentioned in the ticket also.

You have to go to :

Content > Add New Content > Webform

(which is the last one at the bottom)

and then try to attach the webform you want (just select it from the dropdown list with the name “Webform”).

Once you create this new node with the attached webform, you will be able to link this node to the menu you want.

Have a nice day!


Thank you Panagiotis and Lina for your help!

Best regards,