Display of article boxes on the landing pages


A user informed me today that the landing page Home | SCE is looking weird and indeed it looks like this:

When it is supposed to look like what is on the SY website (the boxes with the group): https://sy-dep.web.cern.ch/

I have tried changing the display of the section and the box settings of the article boxes but nothing changed.
I have not touched this page in several months so I really don’t know what could have caused this.

Have you ever encountered this issue? What should I try?

Thank you,

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Hi Emilie,

It happens during Drupal updates. Go to Configuration->Performance and clear caches.

If this doesn’t work go to /_site → Backup and Restore and at the botton of that page there is a button called Registry rebuild. Click on that and it should be fine.


Indeed, it solved the issue.
Thank you for your help and fast reply.
I will try that next time