Does anyone know a good calendar solution for D8?

For the new site, I would like to show which days CERN is closed to visitor in a more visual way than a list of dates as it is currently shown: (ugly isn’t it?).

The only working module I could find was Full Calendar, which is fine for full page calendar, but does not support a mini calendar block which would be neater.

The standard Calendar module is only on alpha release for D8 and I could not figure out how to make it work. I don’t have the prev-next arrow etc. Anyway it does not support mult-day events which is a problem for me as I need it.

And if I can dream aloud, I would even like to have a block that shows “We’re open” or “We’re closed” on the landing page or in the menu.

Any idea / suggestion is more than welcome.


There is some tutorial here that explains calendar alternatives including the use case of mini calendars on blocks. Didn’t try it myself

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your answer. Yes I saw it and tried to implement but as they say at then end of their article:

  • No support for date range: Lack of support for date ranges makes it hard to work with multi-day event scenarios.
  • No support for start & end date: Though we can setup two separate date fields for start and end date, multi-day events are not visible as multi-column rows in the calendar.

So no use for me.

I am really surprised to see most D7 modules about calendars have not been ported to D8.
For example, I was using a really simple module called " Availability Calendar" on D7. See:
Event the “official” Calendar module is not yet officially released for D8.
There is a real lack of proper calendar solution on D8.



Hi @briard

There is this new module to display anything you want in a calendar in Drupal.

Supports any type of date field extending date item from core, so it is a good solution for your use case (e.g. date range).

I’ll be happy to help implementation.

Just let me know!

Hi Matthieu

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for taking the time to post!

Kindly note that the original question was posted two years ago.

That said, the calendar_view module still applies to D9 and is a good solution.